Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

October 24, 2014

Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

Have you ever said to yourself:

Oh, yeah, I know a guy who takes good pictures, maybe he’ll do my wedding for cheap?

Well, stop right there.

You might be tempted to save a couple bucks on a wedding photographer, but there’s a lot more to it then having a good camera and pushing a button.  So, why should you hire a professional for your wedding?

First of all, a successful wedding photographer has a unique skill set that allows them to create the amazing photos you’ve seen online and in magazines.  They’ve likely spent a good portion of time studying the ins-and-outs of photography and have a good sense of the composition, lighting, and artistry that make up a good photograph.  It’s not simply taking snapshots with a decent digital camera.

A wedding photographer, in addition to the proper equipment and artistic skills, needs to have a certain level of professionalism.  You will want your photographer to sign a contract outlining specific deadlines and expectations for their work.  You can save yourself a huge hassle by hiring a photographer with a good business sense whose reputation is on the line. Someone who knows how to do his or her job competently and within the guidelines of a specific agreement.

A professional wedding photographer will also have excellent people skills and the ability to direct people efficiently in order to get excellent poses.  With the hustle and bustle of a wedding, and the following reception, it’s important for a photographer to be able to get people’s attention and organize poses without being obtrusive.  It’s a fine line to walk and requires adequate experience.

Lastly, a photographer’s job doesn’t end when the event is over.  Creating an exceptional looking photograph requires knowledge of how to properly edit photographs for proper lighting, color and composition. Additionally, depending on your needs, you might require high quality prints in different sizes, as well as various digital copies that include full quality, as well as internet-friendly, file sizes.

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