4 Moments That You’ll Want a Wedding Cinematographer to Capture Forever!

by admin
November 19, 2014

4 Moments That You’ll Want a Wedding Cinematographer to Capture Forever

With the growing accessibility of video, more and more people are hiring professional wedding cinematographers to capture their big day. After hiring all of the necessary services required to make your dream wedding a reality, and totaling your expenses, it might be tempting to downplay the importance of having a professional cinematographer, but this can be a big mistake.  In order to put it into perspective, we’ve provided this list of the 4 moments that you’ll want to capture forever.

1. Your Vows

Being able to watch and hear you and your loved read your wedding vows to each other, whenever you feel like it, is a priceless joy.  If a professional wedding cinematographer does not capture your vows you will most likely regret it for years to come.

2. The Dancing

Nothing can capture all of the amazing moments on the dancing floor quite like a professional video.  All of the hilarious, emotional, and timeless dances between loved ones are something that will never happen quite the same way ever again.  You, your family, and your friends will all get a kick out of watching this again and again.

3. The Toasts and Speeches

Having wedding photographs is great, but they can’t capture all of the beautiful toasts and speeches that your friends and family have carefully prepared for your wedding night.  There’s nothing quite like being able to go back and re-watch the tearful expressions, the joke that had everybody laughing, and the retelling of memories—even if they were embarrassing.

4. The Faces

While it might seem like a day you’ll always remember every detail of, things always fade with time.  Imagine the joy of being able to look back on your wedding video 20 years into your marriage and see all the bright, youthful, smiling faces in action.  You might never see all of those loved ones in one place again, so don’t miss you opportunity to capture it!

Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to create a lasting video memory that you can share will all of your friends, watch with your special someone for years to come, and even one day show your kids.  Contact Wilson Sarkis Photography at 248.865.1528 today, one of the most trusted and respected professional wedding cinematographers in the business.