Wilson Sarkis Photography photographed my two daughters’ double wedding.  At the personalized planning session I could quickly see that my daughters would both receive individual attention as well as have photographs to celebrate the “double wedding” as an additional event.  I was assured that the event would be treated as “three” events.  Being a professional photographer, I am very particular and choosy about who could handle the photographs for my family.  My family is quite large, and I needed a photographer and a team that could be efficient and command performance from a bunch of excited and fun people.  I also am a stickler about lighting:  a good photographer needs to know lighting techniques.  The third thing I am very particular about is that the photographer and his team can make a photo in a tight spot and in an instant, as well as set up more traditional shots.  Wilson Sarkis Photography excelled in all these areas.

I knew that I had the right photographer immediately when the engagement session was set and I saw how the photographer commanded and drew out performance, poise and pose.  The lighting was amazing in every shot:  even the quick shots that were captured without people even knowing.  Wilson Sarkis Photography’s photographers are not afraid to do whatever it takes to get the shot:  it wasn’t unusual to not be able to find the photographer because they were laying in the middle of the street or off to the side, or climbing onto something to capture the photos.

Being a professional, I realize that many photographers offer more reasonably priced books and sacrifice quality for price.  Wilson Sarkis Photography deals with the finest companies to produce a top quality long lasting collection of memories.  They personally take time and go through edits with the bride and groom to ensure that the book is more than a dream come true.

My husband is a senior executive and wanted to ensure that his daughter’s would be able to look back at the investment he made into their weddings and also remember and be able to reflect on every special moment.  Wilson Sarkis Photography didn’t miss a beat, and there isn’t one thing that I wish they could have done that they didn’t already cover.  They are professional photographers with a capital “P”.

After Wilson Sarkis Photography photographed the double wedding so amazingly, I did not hesitate to have them shoot my next daughter’s wedding, and they did just as amazing a job.  From photos at the Fox Theater to photos in the parking lot, each photo is a masterpiece.  Many family members and friends have seen their books and are amazed at the heart and quality of the photographs and books.  We would not hesitate to refer Wilson Sarkis Photography to any corporate event, stellar wedding, or families wishing to capture any special event.

Karen Budzinski